Helena Reptile and Pet Expo
October 18, 2014
If you are looking for a new pet or just looking for something fun and unique to do, this is it!!!   Fun for all ages, especially children and families!! 
Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014

Red Lion Colonial Hotel (ballroom)
(2301 Colonial Dr., Helena MT 59601)

Adults $5
12 and under  FREE!!
5,000 sq. ft. of amazing animals, pet supplies and other vendors!!  There's something for everyone!!
Reptile and pet expos are a gathering place for hobby breeders and the industry as a whole.  The set up is like any other trade show, with individual vendors and their animal or supplies/business information.  There will be opportunities for you to admire a wide variety of animals, get hands-on experience, and learn more about them from experts in their care.  Animals will be available for purchase as well.
PLEASE, for your safety and enjoyment, leave your personal pets AT HOME! 
2014 Vendors:
 (check back often, as this will be updated closer to the show date)​​     Click HERE to go to registration page

MTgecko (Kasha Schultz) :
leopard geckos, crested geckos, cornsnakes, ball pythons, hedgehogs, gargoyle geckos and african fat-tail geckos

Ice Age Reptiles (Cari Bracken):
ball pythons

Hawley's Homebred Reptiles (Josh and Sasha Hawley):
leopard geckos, crested geckos, panther geckos, gargoyle geckos, african fat-tail geckos and superworms

Dan Eby:
Columbian red tail boas, Nicaraguan dwarf boas, Hogg Island boas, ball pythons, hognose snakes, short tail pythons, milksnakes, kingsnakes, rosy boas, crested geckos, leopard geckos, pixie frogs, pac man frogs and emperor scorpions

Whistling Wings Finch Aviary (Jodi Smith)
finches and supplies

Viking Reptiles (Erik Petterson)
kingsnakes, milksnakes, bull snakes, cornsnakes and gopher snakes​​​​​​

African Pygmy Hedgehogs (Anna Snedeker)
information booth on these amazing creatures and their care​​​​

PetCo  (Lindy Crocker)
animal supplies, grooming, dog training​​​
Helena Herpetological Society (Austin Dorr)
meet members, get info on the group and learn more about  field outings​/local resources

Wiggles Pet Shop (Rhonda Patrick)
locally raised puppies

Red Dragon Reptiles (Dave Larsen)
bearded dragons, frilled lizards, green basilisks and praying mantids

Reptile Domicile (Tonya Sapp)
reptile rescue, cornsnakes, bearded dragons, ball python and columbian boa

The Rodent Barn (Charlie Birch)
rats, ball pythons, boas

Falicia Leach
mice, rats and gerbils

The Bird Connection (Tom Cubbage)

canaries, English budgies, cages and supplies